PowerEnrich.ai is capable of the extraction of product features from both texts and images. As shown in the example below, a manufacturer might deliver a long sentence with product data, and PowerEnrich.ai is capable of extracting the relevant product features.

Extract features from text sources

- Product names
- Product descriptions
Mostly longer texts including various product features.
- A data ”string” from supplier This is shown in the example above, where smart algorithms are able to extract data from a long data string.
- ERP systems

Use smart algorithms

- Learn from data model
By adding new rules, algorithms become smarter.
- Abbreviations
The algorithm can learn abbreviations.
- Synonyms
The algorithm can learn synonyms.
- Language dependent
The algorithm can learn different languages.
Guus van de Mond

In the past we have gained extensive experience within the entire chain from supplier, wholesaler and retail. However, every company has unique wishes and different challenges, so I would be happy to discuss the possibilities for your organization with you!